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The Planning Committee

The Brotherhood Needs Help!

Learn to be a change agent in our community and join the committee to plan for our largest event of the year...

As a part of our vibrant Cutler Street Summer Fair, we are seeking passionate and committed members to join our planning committee. This is an open call to those who believe in making a tangible difference and wish to contribute to the enrichment of our community. The committee members play a crucial role in orchestrating an event that embodies the spirit of unity, growth, and joy within Cutler Street.

Role Overview:

As a committee member, you will be entrusted with various responsibilities that are fundamental to the success of the Cutler Street Summer Fair. Your role will be dynamic, encompassing the planning, coordination, and execution of the fair's five main components: community clean-up, opportunity zone, wellness zone, family zone, and the summer block party. Each of these segments is designed to foster community engagement, provide valuable resources, and celebrate the vibrant culture and people of our neighborhood.


Community Engagement: You will help in rallying the community for the clean-up initiative, ensuring Cutler Street shines for the fair. This involves coordinating logistics, mobilizing volunteers, and leading efforts to beautify our neighborhood.

Opportunity Zone Facilitation: In the job and apprenticeship fair, your role will be to liaise with local employers, trade schools, and institutions to set up booths and provide valuable networking opportunities for attendees seeking career and upskilling avenues.

Family Zone Coordination: This area is all about fun and laughter. As a committee member, you will organize engaging activities, liaise with entertainment providers like Thunder Truck Entertainment, and ensure a memorable experience for families and children.

Wellness Zone Organization: Health is wealth, and in the Wellness Zone, you will coordinate with health professionals to offer screenings, consultations, and educational sessions. Your role is to ensure that attendees have access to valuable health information and services.

Summer Block Party Planning: As the day winds down, the block party begins. Your creativity will be key in planning the festivities, arranging for live music, food, and activities that reflect the joy and unity of our community.


We seek individuals who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and possess a strong sense of community. Your commitment will involve regular meetings leading up to the event, active participation in the planning process, and a hands-on approach during the fair itself. Your time, energy, and ideas will directly contribute to an event that promises transformation, connection, and celebration for all involved.

Why Join?

Being a part of the planning committee is not just about the responsibilities; it's about being a part of something larger than oneself. It's about contributing to a fair that will light up smiles, open doors of opportunity, and weave stronger bonds within the community. You will be working alongside a team of equally passionate individuals all driven by the mission and vision of Brothers Building A Better Nation (BBABN). Together, let's make the Cutler Street Summer Fair a beacon of hope, joy, and unity.

If you are ready to make a significant impact and create lasting positive change, we invite you to join us as a member of the planning committee for the Cutler Street Summer Fair. For more details and to express your interest, please fill out the interest form below, visit, contact us directly at or ‭(973) 434-5081‬.