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A Non-Profit Organization in NJ

Brothers Building A Better Nation


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Brothers Building A Better Nation mission is to dismantle systemic barriers that negatively impact the lives of BIPOC young men, serving as a bridge from at-risk behaviors to better opportunities. We place an emphatic focus on mental health, champion advocacy, facilitate health education, and provide comprehensive support services. Our aim is to foster an environment in which BIPOC men can flourish, thereby creating a positive and enduring impact on the lives of these individuals and their communities.

What we offer our community


Our apprenticeship program is designed to give hands-on paid experience in learning a trade or craft


We partner with local short-term and transitional housing programs to assist brothers


We’ve partnered with several licensed mental health workers in the city of Newark to provide one-to-one support if needed


We partner with human resource professionals to assist brothers prepare for interviews, write resumes

Legal Advice

Our organization has access to lawyers willing to work pro bono depending on the case and severity

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